Angry goose records compilation info

Angry Goose Compilation information

Thanks for getting in touch regarding the angry goose records compilation, we’re excited to have you on board! This compilation is going to showcase punk rock in all its forms from around the world, and if it is successful, will hopefully lead to regular releases.

Growing up in rural England in the 90s, I discovered so many great bands through label samplers, compilations and mix tapes, and that’s kind of what I’m going for here. A chance for punk fans to buy a cheap Album, with loads of bands on it, get some information about the bands and hopefully go on to see them live, buy albums and merchandise and generally keep the scene going.

How does it work? Ok, so I collect up the artists/songs that I think are a good fit, get them in some sort of order and produce some art work. I’m old school and like CDs as a cheap, accessible physical format, but the release will also be available online on Bandcamp etc to allow for digital sales

Bands can buy copies of the CD at cost price (about £2 in the uk, shipping to be confirmed for non uk bands, but it’s all kept as cheap as possible!). Artists can then sell these at their gigs and keep all the profit (sell for £5-8ish). You can have as many or as few (or none) as you like, no pressure or minimal sales etc. promo is covered by me.

Paying royalties is difficult on compilations, and I really don’t see the value in sending out cheques for 10p to 20 artists, so any profits raised from sales through my websites will be donated to CALM, the campaign against living miserably, an anti suicide charity that I support in the uk, unless sales are huge, in which case I’ll get in touch with everyone to see if they want their royalties. Either way, it’s all open and transparent so I’ll keep you up-to date with monthly sales etc.

All rights remain with the artists, I can do fancy contracts if you’d like but happy to work via a virtual handshake as well. Basic premise is I retain the right to sell the album in this form only (as the compilation), I can’t pick out individual tracks to sell separately etc. if you want to release the track, use it, license it whatever, that’s for you to decide and nothing to do with me! Individual tracks and artist details may be used for advertising this release unless you tell me not to. If at any point you want your song removed from the release, please let me know and I will endeavour to complete this request.

So what do we need? A .wav file of the song you’d like to use, a bit of a bio (who you are, where you’re from, what you sound like, website/social media etc) a picture or logo and I’ll do the rest. Once it’s all ready to go, I’ll let you know and we’ll make magic happen!

Angry Goose Records is a small uk based label focussed on releasing compilations, producing small run album and EP releases and generally being the kind of label I’d like to be signed to.

I’d you’re interested in working with us further to release new music, rerelease back catalogue or even just make physical items available to sell online, please do get in touch!

Cheers, Jim

email is