Talbot Festival August 2022

What’s the plan then?

The plan is to provide a quality product for fans attending the two day festival in Blackpool at the talbot. To share the music and information about the bands playing to increase exposure and raise some funds for the bands involved and for the charity CALM.

We’re doing this by producing a compilation CD, comprising of two CDs showcasing songs from each band playing the event, split by days. Sleeve notes included in the package will outline details about each band and some contact information.

What we need

We will need a song from each band/artist. This can be any song to which you own the rights, including songs that have been previously released, live tracks, new tracks, instrumental, whatever you want to showcase your band. We will also need a short biography or information about the band, a picture or band logo.

Who we are

Much as I like to pretend this is a huge operation, it’s really just me. Jim, guitarist with The Allergics, father of four, full time hospital manager, part time paramedic, from Leeds, West Yorkshire.

The idea of angry goose records was to be the label I’d want to be signed to. Ethical, open, honest.

My goals are:

To publish music from small bands on their terms, small runs, PR management, marketing, merchandising, social media and any other boring tasks that bands don’t like to do mostly I want to support them to grow and develop.

To support bands to re-release back catalogue and make available more music for their fans. Whether it’s getting some copies of your old music to sell at gigs, re-releasing music from bands that are no longer playing or supporting bands that have long since broken up to make their back catalogue available to the people that want to hear it.

To create compilation albums tied to gigs and specific events, offering samplers of various artists, providing a memento of the event for fans, the sale of which should not compete with the bands own merchandise sales, but compliment these.

I’d also like to have some fun, work with some cool people and share some great music with the punk community!


So, how does it all work? I’ve calculated the 2cd set in a jewel case, to cost £3. These can be sold at the venue for £10. £7 profit split equally between each band at the moment and the label comes in at a massive 35p per band per CD. Who says you can’t get rich playing punk?

I’ll keep an eye on ticket sales, but the venue has approximately 100 people capacity, although about 40 of those are going to be in the bands that are playing. There are also other events going on the same weekend across Blackpool, including free events, so actual ticket sales may be limited. With this in mind, I don’t expect to sell loads of CDs at the event it’s self.

Buying your own stock

Bands can buy copies of the CDs for £3 each to sell on with their own merchandise. Adding to your stock, getting people to spend longer at the merchandise table, giving you time to interact and encourage the sale. CDs sold by yourselves will allow you to profit fully from the sale and also sell at whatever price you see fit (after the event!). If you let me know how many you want in advance I’ll make sure I have plenty with me.


I will also sell the CD through this website and create a promotional page relating to the album. I will advertise this in the run up to the gig nationally across a number of platforms and hopefully raise some interest. The promotions will include links to the bands featured and encourage people to visit your pages and explore your music. Money raised from Albums sold through my website prior to the event weekend will be shared equally with all bands as above. Sales after the event weekend will not be shared ( mostly as I can’t face the accounting of trying to send 0.35p out to 19 bands whenever I sell a CD. There’s also costs associated with card sales, postage etc.)

Copyrights and ownership.

The important stuff! Bands maintain the rights to their own material. They are free to release it, sell it, change it, whatever, it’s your music. Angry goose records maintains the rights to this specific release. That is we can sell this CD, in this format (so only as a cd, no streaming, tapes or playing live), without your express permission, and we can sell as many copies as we like. We can price the cd as we like and market as we see fit. We cannot release any of the songs in any other format, or use the material for any other purpose without express permission from the artist. If in the future anyone wants their music removed from the compilation for any reason, this can be done for further pressings only and angry goose records will notify the band how many original copies exist on stock prior to changes.


I have a full contract available if anyone would like the formality of that, but if you’re happy to go ahead I’d love to work with you. Mostly I just want to release good music so people have something cool to take home with them after the weekend!


If you have any questions, please let me know. I’m happy to answer questions in the open Facebook chat, I don’t want to be thought of hiding anything, if there’s anything in this that you don’t like/ don’t agree with let me know. I’m new at this, so if I’ve got something wrong, tell me about it and I can try to make it right!


Jim angrygooserecords@hotmail.com