What we do

Artist signings

Recording in a studio, releasing tracks, Spotify, iTunes, YouTube. It’s a expensive way to get your music out, and you don’t get much but pride back from it.

We want to reduce the financial risk to the artist by allowing short run productions, marketing releases and helping to develop the online and live presence of the band.

How it works? The artist retains the rights to the individual tracks, and is free to release these, sell these, do what ever they want. The label has the rights to the specific release for an agreed period of time, during which we do our best to get it out there as much as possible and build your reputation and image. All profit is split 60/40 to the artist.

No scams, no hidden details, all open, all agreed, all decent. Everything agreed with the artist.

Short term contracts

You’re at a gig, you like the bands playing, you’d like to buy a CD, support them, but you also want to buy beer, and which band do you choose?

Or maybe you’re a new band, you’ve only a handful of songs recorded but want to develop your profile?

What if a few bands on a line up got together, had a few songs each on a CD, to be sold at the gig for a few quid? Cheap enough to sell, profits split between the bands, low volumes so low risk. you don’t get stuck with 100s of discs.

Again, rights remain with artists involved, the label just releases the specific disc. Terms can be discussed and agreed with all the bands involved.

The focus is on giving the fans a good product, the bands exposure and cash, supporting promoters who are trying to get people through the door and venues that want to sell drinks!